Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ragnar Relay 2012

I was somehow talked into joining a team of 12 girls to run the Ragnar Relay this year.  It went from Huntington Beach to San Diego.  As I trained I quickly realized how hard it was to push myself.  It took me about a month and a half to finally push past 1.3 miles.  I'm not a natural runner and have always had a hard time talking myself into pushing my body farther.  I was SOO nervous for this race.  I complained the whole time and wish I didn't, because after the race was over I realized how great it felt to accomplish something that was so difficult. Each person ran 3 legs each, mine totaled 14.1 miles. 
The two vans were so great at cheering everyone on, this was what kept me from not walking some of the legs.
 We were able to sleep for about 3 hours all together and I felt like a zombie. 

 Above is before my night run, and below is after.  I was so pumped after I finished my 4 mile run.  This run had a few hills but it was the perfect settings and I so enjoyed running at night.

 This is the finish line! After I finished I was so surprised at how I felt.  I loved the Ragnar and would totally do it again.  It's the best feeling to finish the race and see how hard you can push yourself.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Weekend

 On Saturday Tanner and I went down to Trestles beach in San Clemente.  It was 80 degrees and felt so great to finally have warm enough weather to get in a bathing suit.

 This was our first year that we have made Easter baskets for each other.  We woke up on Sunday and gave each other their basket and we had a good laugh when we realized we gave each other the same movie. 
 Easter was spent with Tanner's family this year.  We had a great time being around family, playing the Easter egg toss, and going on an Easter egg hunt that consisted of candy and MONEY :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Out of Control

These past two months have been wonderful!  Tanner and I have been very busy and we have taken little weekend trips which have just been a dream.  Us being gone so much has given us the opportunity to eat out ALOT!  I love going out to dinner, the food is always better than what I can make at home and it's so much easier.  Unfortunately it's taken it's tole on my body.  I finally decided to have an intervention this past weekend and I had to decide to stop.  As much as I LOVE eating out, my body does not.  Number one, I feel unhealthy.  I hate having to hike my pants up even farther to try and hide to muffin that is forming around my mid area.  Now this doesn't mean I'm giving up junk food! No that would be impossible being that Tanner is my husband.  I just need to get a little more control of my eating habits and not always turn to eating out (although just thinking about eating out is making me crave McDonald's chicken nuggets dipped in their buffalo sauce)  See?  I'm OUT OF CONTROL!  Wish me luck

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Indian Wells Tennis Tournament

Tanner and I have had a busy month!  This weekend we headed up to Indian Wells to watch the Tennis Tournament.  We stopped by the outlets on the way there and we did a little shopping, which helped to break up the drive (and a good excuse to shop).  The weather was in the mid 80's and we so enjoyed a relaxing weekend in the sun.  

Big Bear

Tanner and I took a weekend trip up to Big Bear for a Valentine's Day surprise.  I had asked Tanner a few weeks before Valentine's if he could be the planner for that night because it's pretty much a woman's holiday.  He went far above my expectations and booked us a cabin in Big Bear! Tanner took me skiing for my second time ever and I stuck to the bunny hill and loved every bit of it.

 Having breakfast at The Lumberjack Cafe

 The weather could not have been more perfect.  We skied in long sleeves and no gloves(except the hill I attempted that was supposed to be an easy ride.  I fell more than I could count and almost just took off my ski's to walk down, but I eventually made it to the bottom.

Big Bear has a cute town with a lot of shops to walk through.  Of course the only thing we purchased was a caramel apple from the candy shop.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our apartment

 Tanner and I moved into our first apartment the end of November.  I figured it's better late than never to post some pictures.  It's been so fun decorating our own place and to start accumulating some of our own furniture.  Both Tanner and I were so ready so have our own space and we are loving it! 
The living room


Dining room(if you can call it that, it's more like just our dining room table)

Our bedroom


Valentine's Day

My whole dating life I have hated the idea of celebrating Valentine's Day.  It seemed to mushy romantic and I felt too young to celebrate the holiday.  Now that I'm married it has become my second favorite holiday!  I love everything about it, I love spending special time with the Tanner. I love going to the grocery store or driving by a flower shop and seeing men lined up out the door buying flowers.  It's just such a happy day!  Tanner surprised me for lunch by coming home with Cafe Rio and gorgeous flowers, we went to a park close to our house and ate lunch together.  Then for dinner we went and picked up takeout and Ho Sum Bistro and ate it at the beach at sunset.  It was absolutely perfect!    I told Tanner a month ago if he could plan something romantic for Valentine's day, since in my head it's kind of a woman's holiday. :)  I would have been fine with dinner reservations, but of course Tanner planned something WAY more romantic.  Tanner booked a weekend in Big Bear!  He got a cute little cabin and we are going to attempt to ski for my second time!